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Gord and Rod,

Further to your history lesson here's the words to the song we sing on the
deck of Privateer.

Loyal She Remains

we came overland from Albany, Yankee rebels on our heels
we stole a boat in Sackett's Harbour and we headed for Presqu'il
settled hard by Kingston, safe from revolution's flames
and it's loyal she began boys, loyal she remains

loyal she began boys, loyal she remains
content to live our lives in peace beneath a monarch's reins
let the rebels rot with all of their ill-gotten gains
but it's loyal she began boys, loyal she remains

we saw the writing on the wall right after Valley Forge
when the rebels stood for Washington, we held for old King George
kin folk turned on kin, blood like water in the veins
but it's loyal she began boys, loyal she remains

we lost our farms, we lost our friends, but we never lost our pride
no amount of traitor gold could lure us to a traitor's side
a people's honour blemished once will never lose the stain
so it's loyal she began boys, loyal she remains

Following the American Revolution, many citizens who remained loyal to
Britain (and those who liked the idea of the free land being offered north
of the border) emigrated to Canada. These United Empire Loyalists formed the
basis of early Ontario, the motto of which was to become Loyal She Began,
and Loyal She Remains. These are our roots!

> We should make more of our heros...
> Gord #426
> I agree !
> I used to think that we Canadians only had boring history.
> It took me half a lifetime for my reading habits to broaden enough to
> realize that the fault lies with boring teachers and the boring text books
> that were used.
> North American history is filled with amazing people and equally amazing
> deeds.
> And how many of our American cousins know that at one point in their early
> history, they were at war with France ???
> I didn't.
> Cheers,    Rod
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