[Public-List] removing through-hull with 5200 on it

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Thu Aug 7 12:48:27 PDT 2008


Does this mean that you are back at Colony? I didn't see your boat last night when I was sanding away. I will be back down there tonight sanding again, I will look around for your boat.


> Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 10:02:20 -0700
> From: randyk at bertschi.org
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> Subject: Re: [Public-List] removing through-hull with 5200 on it
> Greetings, All, 
> Wanted to report back on efforts to remove the just-installed
>      through-hull which I originally embedded using 3M 5200.
> Decided to take apart the week old work because I realized the
>      importance of having metals that match on the through-hull
>      fitting and the seacock, bronze being the standard. I had
>      installed a through-hull fitting of unknown metal content
>      figuring what the heck-- had second thoughts.
> I was lucky! I'd used 5200 with the one-week cure time. I hadn't
>      noticed that there are several different cure times, and that
>      they vary along with the colors. @ 12 days after the original
>      installation I was expecting to have to cut the boat apart to get
>      that nasty 5200 out. Imagine my surprise when, with some ramped
>      up tugging on the seacock using a pipe wrench, I was able to
>      unscrew the thing right off. A miracle, thought I.
> Getting the t-hull fitting out was another story. I could turn it with
>     a pipe wrench on it's threads from the inside, but couldn't push
>     it out. Resorting to the classic threaded bolt puller worked like
>     a charm.
> Having read about caulks since the original installation, I understood
>     that some people sweat that 5200 has no place on a boat. The very
>     helpful fellow at Redden Marine in Bellingham, was persuasively of
>     that school. A sailboat owner for many decades, he's always used
>     Boat Life caulk. He recommended 4200 if wanting to stick with 3M
>     products. I'm sure many Albergers have a variety of thoughts on
>     this.
> I went with 4200 second time around. (It is also listed as suitable
>      for through-hull fittings.) The other t-hulls installed with 5200
>      will have to be dealt with by the next owner, some decades from
>      now. Of course, I'm assuming that A-30s will be plying the seas
>      and waterways for ANOTHER 40 years.
>     HOpe this info is helpful to someone.
> Regards,
> Randy Katz
> #249
> Seattle/Bellingham, WA,
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