[Public-List] Navy game cruise

J Bergquist jbergqui at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 07:11:20 PST 2008


The navy game cruise happened two weekends ago (10/25). I apologize
for the delay. I had an exam and some other events get in the way of
writing a report.

Anyway, we had a 5-boat raft up with the Leighs, Townshend, Gamber,
Bergquist, and Bill Martin down from New Jersey. Several others joined
us by land including Footes, Palmers, Bluntschli, Liddick, and
Lehmans. I am sure I left somebody out and I hope they will forgive me
and correct my roster.

The weather was inclement, to say the least. We had gale force winds
with driving rain all afternoon and evening. This did not dampen the
spirits of the event as the raft was comfortably anchored on my
mooring and we all wore our full sets of foul weather gear to the
game, to combat the driving rain.

The game ended up as a blowout Navy victory which was great to watch.
I actually left at halftime as it was pouring and I had an exam to
study for on Monday. Everybody else left in the 3rd quarter and headed
over to Hero's pub in West Annapolis for food and drink. Hero's was a
big hit among everybody and a good time was had by all. Everybody went
back to the raft for the night (except me as I went home to study).

Sunday morning dawned bright, clear, and cool. It was a beautiful day
and we all headed over to Regina's for a huge table breakfast which
was also a big hit. Roberta, the footes, and I wound up staying after
everybody else left to continue our conversation and linger just a bit

All in all, it was a great event. Thanks to Harry for organizing it! I
hope that we will do it again next year, and if you did not make this
year's event, please consider coming then!

Your pal,

J Bergquist

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