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Hello all, 

This recent thread on Reefing is exactly why the Alberg 30 association is so so very valuable.  Wonderful knowledgeable folks who own the same boat and are so eager to share....................all amplified with photographs. 

While I purchased my boat in the fall of 2001 I have only sailed her a few times that fall season.  I have paid to store her inside and moved her around Ohio, Indiana and next spring to Michigan.  Built a nice trailer for her and collected many ideas for her maintenance and refurbishment, but not sailed her since 2001 in October. 

I have spent about a grand each year since then for insurance and storage.  Most would say that I am a little touched, but as I mentioned to Dave on our last sail on Scholarship II at least I still own the boat. 

The time is getting closer when I will be able to have her close at hand and begin my work to get her sailing again.   I have recently considered that perhaps I just can't afford to keep her and get her sailing...................... 

I owe a great debt to the twenty or so of my fellow Alberg 30 friends across Canada and the U.S. who have allowed me to experience the "Alberg 30 effect" aboard their boats.  I almost feel that for me to not finish what I started in 2001 would be a dissapointment to all those who gave me bearth on their boats. 

Members speak of the Alberg 30 family.   This is so true in every sense of the word.  Just like I feel as though I have come home each time aboard an Alberg 30 I feel supported and embraced by this Internet List. 


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Gordon Laco wrote: 
> If you want to reef before installing the hook, ... 
        [wonderful description snipped] 
> Well that's a long email, but way more fun to write than the quote I am 
> supposed to be working on... 
> Gord #426 SURPRISE 

The photos to accompany this description are found on 

  - George 

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