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Dave Terrell DTERRELL at message.nmc.edu
Sun Nov 9 06:45:04 PST 2008

I thought the pictures were very instructive, but the raise some questions for me. For instance, do you normally sail with crew? Or do you single hand a lot? My thought is that if your have crew normally, the reefing procedure shown in the pictures would work well. If you single hand a lot, the process shown might be more challenging. And so, you might consider a single line reefing system. There several ways to get this job done, but the important thing is to have a system that fits who you are and the way you sail. I have a friend who normally sails with his wife and when they are together, they follow the procedure shown in the pictures. When he sails alone he heaves to and then follows the procedure shown - and it works for him. Heaving too first makes a huge difference for him when he is alone. I sail alone mostly, and so prefer a single line reefing system, but could to what my friend does when he sails alone. I just prefer not to. It sounds like you are comfortable with the reefing system shown in the pictures and that  is good. Nonetheless, for the sake of balance, if nothing else, I thought it might be helpful to ask these questions and suggest some other options.
David, 432

>>> "Bill Ydell" <bydel at bellsouth.net> 11/8/2008 9:27 PM >>>
Mike, Don and Gordon,
I have been out of town and have not had a chance to thank you for your
response to my reefing question. I appreciate your advise.

Mike I am currently using a D shackle at the tack, should I change to
something else that allows me to bolt the hook to the boom.
Gordon do you by chance remember the model# of the Ronstan cheek Block


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