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Laughing Gull laughing_gull at verizon.net
Tue Aug 4 14:49:27 PDT 2009

I have used a porta pottie - the big one available from West Marine. It works much better than expected for day sails, and can hold our crew of 2 adults and 3 kids for a weekend (just).

In general, the head compartment is kept cleaner as you are able to take everything out when disposing of the contents. The chemicals they have make this unpleasant job, more bearable (not pleasant) than you might think it should be!

Townie wrote an article in the maintenance manual of you have that of how to do the install. The big advantage is that within an hour or two of spending $160 or so you can be sailing. You need to create a small base in the place where the old head was to raise it up.

I have plans for a new holding tank, and once I have done that will get a new head, but unitl then, I schedule trips where I can find a larger porta pottie to dump my contents into.

ahh the things we sailing types talk about that are probably not talked about elsewhere.


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Hi Roger - 

Up here people get their boats confiscated for committing crimes such as
your local motor boaters described to you...

My two cents worth is that the more substancial you make your head, the
happier with it you (and your guests) will be.  A regular Lavac or Brydon
head is an easy fit in the space between the bulkheads where Alberg designed
in the head.  I think use of a porta pottie or anything moveable will end up
being unsatisfactory.

Gord #426 Surprise
Who does not miss the porta-pottie 426 was factory fitted with; the current
Brydon is wonderful.  Users can do their duty like adults, reading magazines
while making offerings in privacy and comfort...

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