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Wed Aug 5 05:01:03 PDT 2009

> I need to replace the bulkhead between the port cockpit locker and the
> box.
> I've never done anything like this so I am hoping I can get some advice.
> I've been doing a bit of research and come to the following conclusions:
> the existing bulkheads are not secured directly to the hull.
> the existing tabbing should be cut with a cutoff wheel or dry-wall bit
using a drill or Dremel tool.
> the bulkheads have  from 1/8" to 1/4" clearance between the hull and the
> the bulkheads are supported and kept in place by the tabbing.
> Questions:
> can you use epoxy resin with the polyester of the original construction?
how do you keep the new bulkhead in place while tabbing since it has no
direct connection to the hull.
> does the tabbing have to be applied in one continuous piece or can you
> it in sections?
> is it necessary to apply multiple layers of tabbing wet on wet or can
> wait for one layer to cure?
> can apply tabbing to one side of the bulkhead and then the other side
after the first side has set?

Tabbing can be applied in sections pre cut all your tabbing before you
start.  Have different width's av,ailable I would use about 3 layers of 18
oz glass mat starting about 6in wide and apply the widest first.  Use
polyester although not as strong as epoxy it kicks off in about 20 mins
depending on how much activater you use, apply wet on wet to get the best
chemical bond.  A wax is mixed into the resin that allows it to harden in
air, if you wait until the resin has hardened you will have to sand off
the "amish blush" before applying new resin.  To hold the bulk head in
place try using a few small wedges arround the edge to hold it in place I
would do one side at a time starting in the locker side for practice.  on
the cabin side if at all posible tear the edge of the cloth this
eliminates the edge you may see with a cut edge.

John Boor
> Any other help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Jim Rogers
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