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Stephen Gwyn gwyn at beluga.phys.uvic.ca
Tue Aug 4 11:58:21 PDT 2009

Best/cheapest/easiest modification you can make
to an Alberg 30?

Remove the little seat that comes with most heads. Replace it 
with a normal toilet seat from a hardware store. The fittings are 
the same size and spacing as the head seat. I paid 15 bucks for 
teak coloured wooden seat which matches the rest of the woodwork. 
I spent 5 minutes installing it. My wife is very happy. The seat 
is much more comfortable, and (when the boat is heeled), she says 
it's much more stable.

The bigger seat fits fine even when the head compartment
door is folded.

Stephen Gwyn
Quasar #495

> Let us know how it fits. I will be in the market for a head 
> once I get a holding tank.

> Jonathan Adams
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> On Aug 2, 2009, at 5:17 PM, Patricia O Meinhold 
> <pmeinhold at comcast.net> wrote:

> Has anyone put a 'residential sized bowl'/compact footprint 
> head into their Alberg 30? It's a 'Comfort Mate' model.

> West Marine has one for sale and we need to replace ours after 
> a couple of bottles of head cleaner exploded in the cabinet 
> behind the head and seemingly ruined the mechanics.

> Thanks for any advice you might have,

> Mike and Pat
>Rinn Duin #272

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