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I love Canada.

Pat Meinhold
Rinn Duin #272

Peter Milley wrote:
>  Regulation 305 made
> pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act is the piece of legislation
> that requires total containment of sewage waste on pleasure craft in Ontario
> waters.  There are set fines for first offences with Provincial Offence Notices (tickets)
> and subsequent offences require a court appearance and the defendant is
> subject to the full penalty provisions of the EPA for a second offence. This
> could be a penalty of $100,000.00 and or imprisonment for 1 year at the
> discretion of the trier of facts.
> Peter Milley
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> Don't know about the States but here in Canada a removeable head is
> illeagle.  The powers that be realized that it would be too easy to dump the
> product overboard.  A porta-poti - or more properly a 'self contained head'
> has to have all the connections of a holding tank so that the only way to
> empty it is at a proper pump out station.
> Gord #426 Surprise


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