[Public-List] Bahamas Cruise

Bob Norway examiner at cfl.rr.com
Tue Mar 17 17:16:04 PDT 2009

For all those waiting patiently for reports on my Bahamas cruise will have
to wait for some future date TBD. Unfortunately I blew out my knee and need
to have arthroscopic surgery on Apr 1, which was originally supposed to be
our Gulf crossing date. So, I sit here in port while the rest of the bunch
makes the crossing. However, it was probably serendipitous, as this past
weekend my raw water intake hose blew out thus overheating the exhaust which
melted the intake nipple on my waterlock. Raw water hose had been soaked
with some diesel fuel from a previous bad diaphragm in the lift pump, thus
rotting out. New hoses and waterlock to be installed tomorrow.


Bongo Bob Norway

S/V Beowulf #488
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