[Public-List] Bahamas Cruise

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Tue Mar 17 20:26:29 PDT 2009

Bob Norway wrote:
> For all those waiting patiently for reports on my Bahamas cruise will have
> to wait for some future date TBD. Unfortunately I blew out my knee and need
> to have arthroscopic surgery on Apr 1, which was originally supposed to be
> our Gulf crossing date. So, I sit here in port while the rest of the bunch
> makes the crossing. However, it was probably serendipitous, as this past
> weekend my raw water intake hose blew out thus overheating the exhaust which
> melted the intake nipple on my waterlock. Raw water hose had been soaked
> with some diesel fuel from a previous bad diaphragm in the lift pump, thus
> rotting out. New hoses and waterlock to be installed tomorrow.

Ouch!  I hope all the refits go without a hitch.

  - George

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