[Public-List] My Alberg 30 has a new owner

Rachel penokee at cheqnet.net
Sat Mar 21 14:55:37 PDT 2009

Well, I have to (sadly) say that I've (somewhat reluctantly) sold my 
Alberg 30 and she has a new owner.

I had her on the hard all the time I've owned her, and was making 
improvements (not always quickly, due to work, weather, etc). So it was 
bittersweet when the new owner launched her earlier this week all tidy 
and ready.  I almost couldn't watch, but on the other hand, I'm very 
proud of my baby, so I did.  None of the below-waterline work I'd done 
showed any problems.  (I did some other projects too, but those are the 
ones you're thinking of when you launch!)

Wow, does she look beautiful afloat!  Really, really lovely.  It's 
amazing how a boat can be this big, ungainly thing on land that you 
climb up and down a ladder (over and over) to get tools, bring up 
supplies, etc.  The underwater hull is this big swath of workspace, as 
you remove and install things.  She bristles with boat stands.

Then you launch and she's a beautiful bird.  She moves!  When you step 
aboard, she shifts in a boaty way instead of feeling like a piece of 
the earth.  Wow, what a change.  And although she looked great on land; 
she looks even prettier afloat.  Awwww :)

I'll let the new owner introduce himself, if he'd like to.  She'll be 
at my dock for a bit, but then she'll be heading up to her new home 
closer to Annapolis.

Of course I need another boat, and I still really like the Alberg 30 - 
what a fine boat.  I think I'll stay on the list if that's okay with 
folks.  Thanks for all your help. (Oh, and I do have a question, which 
I'll pose in a separate topic).


PS: George, I know I still owe you a rudder pictorial - I haven't 
forgotten, it's just that my aging computer is really slooow in 
manipulating images, so I tend to put it off.

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