[Public-List] A-4 Zenith carb parts (early/cast carb)

Rachel penokee at cheqnet.net
Sat Mar 21 15:10:37 PDT 2009

Hello list,

Backround info:

In starting/running my engine for the first time, I found that the  
(early/cast) carburetor has some issues.  I think that either the main  
jet is clogged or the float/seat are the source of the problem.

Here is a bit more about the issues:

First of all, the fuel is clean and new.  The boat has a brand new  
Moyer electric fuel pump system, and it is pumping fuel just fine.   
There is fuel getting to the carb (past the pump).

The starter is strong and happy.

The engine runs fine on starter fluid, but will not run or catch at all  
without it.  This is why I think something is going on in the  

Another (possibly related or possibly separate problem) is that fuel  
very slowly drips out the end of the adjustable main jet handle (looks  
like a radiator stop cock, for reference).

I believe that I should remove the cab and clean or rebuild it. (I'm  
not sure if cleaning is enough.)

Real question:

As far as buying parts, although I've bought many things from Moyer  
Marine, and like them as a vendor, the $98 rebuild kit does leave me  
gasping a bit.  Are these parts available from other sources?  Or  
should I just get the kit.

I believe I already have the gaskets (PO has about four of every gasket  
for the boat in a tidy box), but of course they come with the kit if I  
buy that.

Thanks, and please let me know if you need more information.

ex-#221 (but still going to work on the carburetor)

Page in Moyer catalog with rebuild kit for cast carburetor:


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