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When upsizing the chainplates and bolts on #121, I found some gaps that were about 3/8" (.375").  I wish now that I had thought to measure each from the stem, as Michael suggests, to verify symmetry prior to re-installation.  In any case, I decided to fill the gaps.  To do this I cleaned-up each of the chainplate "footprints" with a Dremel and sanding drum, and coated the chainplates and bolts with mold release.  I then mixed up batches of epoxy and finely chopped glass fabric to a thick mush and used it to completely fill the gaps, hand tightening the nuts to "squish" the mush out a little on all sides.  Then using the round end of a mixing stick, I formed a fillet around the edges.  Once the epoxy kicked I was able to pop the plates and bolts out and inspect the new chainplate "pads".  What I have now are structurally strong, full-contact support pads that center the chainplates in their slots.  The gaps you describe are more substantial than what I
 found, but the idea should work as well.  The extra leverage that a 3/4" offset creates would definitely increase the potential for working within the system, as Michael points out.  It was a little extra work, but I'm very happy with the results.  Feel free to contact me if you'd like photos or more information.

Rick Leach
Sugar Magnolia, #121
Monterey, California

Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 21:09:24 -0400
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Subject: [Public-List] Spacers between chainplates and knee & bulkhead
    on    starboard side
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I am removing my chainplates in order to increase the bolt size and inspect the integrity of the knees/bulkhead attachment areas.
My preliner A30 #310 has ca. 0.75" spacers as follows:
a) starboard cap shroud chainplate not bolted directly to the aft surface of the main bulkhead, but through a spacer ca. 0.75" thick set against the bulkhead
b) starboard lower aft shroud chainplate not bolted directly to the aft surface of the starboard aft knee, but through a spacer ca. 0.75" thick set against the knee
It looks as though, for some reason, the aft surface of the starboard bulkhead and the knee were judged to be 0.75" forward of where the chainplates were to be located.
Can anyone with a preliner vessel advise whether this is "normal"?
Any comments on implications, e.g., for relative strength of these chainplates vs the other would be welcome.

Waterloo/Lions's Head ON

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