[Public-List] Subject: Size of cockpit sole

laserandy at aol.com laserandy at aol.com
Tue Mar 31 14:24:16 PDT 2009

 On this subject, our cockpit floor is quite springy and we've been talking about doing something for years.? My current thought is to go with a teak grate.? Has anyone had one custom made for the A30 or know a shop with the specs that could build one?? At the risk of being inappropriate, if you've gotten one recently and don't mind, I'm curious what the approximate cost is.

I was briefly intrigued by the Teak System that people are talking about, I presume this is some sort of teak veneered plywood, if so, I prefer the look of the grate.? If this is something else, can someone send a link with photos?


Andante - 152

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