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I have one (very shippy) but am sorry to say I don't know what it cost
because it came with the boat.  PO says his step father, who gave him the
boat, had it made so he wouldn't have stand in the water leaking from the
rudder fitting but still had to eventually fix the fitting (lucky for me
both ways). 


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 On this subject, our cockpit floor is quite springy and we've been talking
about doing something for years.? My current thought is to go with a teak
grate.? Has anyone had one custom made for the A30 or know a shop with the
specs that could build one?? At the risk of being inappropriate, if you've
gotten one recently and don't mind, I'm curious what the approximate cost

I was briefly intrigued by the Teak System that people are talking about, I
presume this is some sort of teak veneered plywood, if so, I prefer the look
of the grate.? If this is something else, can someone send a link with


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