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Ours is a teak grate made in two sections. It is about?1" x?1/2" with a 2" border. It looks great/grate but is impossible to?apply any finish. Leave the wood natural. We clean ours by securing a tether line and tossing it overboard. (Better done while?at anchor). You'll also notice the neat design on the cockpit sole deposited there by airborne yuck! (Good thing you don't inhale any of that stuff).
I'll provide photos and dimensions if you so desire.

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 On this subject, our cockpit floor is quite springy and we've been talking 
about doing something for years.? My current thought is to go with a teak 
grate.? Has anyone had one custom made for the A30 or know a shop with the specs 
that could build one?? At the risk of being inappropriate, if you've gotten one 
recently and don't mind, I'm curious what the approximate cost is.

I was briefly intrigued by the Teak System that people are talking about, I 
presume this is some sort of teak veneered plywood, if so, I prefer the look of 
the grate.? If this is something else, can someone send a link with photos?


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