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Andrew L. Cole acole at fandpnet.com
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Keith Mayes of the Beneteau 36.7 fleet and George Brengle of Sailing World
deserve most of the credit, but I'm  happy to be the messenger.

We need to get seven boats on the line to have a start.  I think we're most
of the way there, but need a couple more.  I'm up for organizing an
inexpensive or cheaper A30 party/gathering the Friday evening of the event
if that is any inducement to come down and play.


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In follow-up to Andrew's earlier e-mail (on the racing list only)
about the NOOD entry fee I want to fill you in on what has been
happening on this subject behind the scenes over the past couple of
weeks. Andrew Cole has been working through CBYRA and together with
the other Cruising One Design fleets (which include the Cal 25's,
Catalina 27's, Ohlson 30's, J/35's, J/105's, and some others) to raise
the issue of how expensive it has become to register for the NOOD.
This was brought on by the initially proposed entry fee of $214 for
boats of 30 ft length. The general consensus was that the fee has
gotten too high and people started working to push back on the regatta
organizer to reduce the fee.

In the end, it is too late for us to really have success for a
reduction in the actual base fee for this year. Do not fret, we will
continue to work for reduction over time. However, for this year, we
did succeed in getting the organizer to allow us to register without
paying for a party ticket. This will result in a net savings of $48
off the cost of entry and affords registrants the option of choosing
whether or not to purchase a party ticket at the time of registration.
The new entry price without a party ticket will be $166, which gets
you 3 days of racing and a shot at winning the Maple Leaf Trophy.
While not a complete steal, I do think it is a very good deal. Entry
to the awards presentation is free, so you do not need to purchase a
ticket in order to attend the awards.

I know that some of you want to attend the party, and you are welcome
to do that, but for those among us who will not be attending the
party, this is almost a 25% reduction in the price of admission, and I
am hopeful that some of you who may not have considered competing
because of the price will think about reconsidering that position.

As you know we are going to be having the Spring Rendezvous in Lake
Ogleton to coincide with the NOOD regatta this year. So there will be
our very own regatta party to attend in the form of the rendezvous. I
for one plan on going to the rendezvous after racing on saturday and I
hope that the rest of you will consider joining us for that party as
well. It should be a great chance to socialize with other Albergers
and swap stories about the day's racing.

I want to highlight the extra work that Andrew Cole has taken on by
volunteering for the position of CBYRA Cruising One Design chairman.
This is a position that, near as I can tell, has not been staffed in a
meaningful way for several years. Honestly, before Andrew volunteered
for it, I had never heard of it. Andrew has taken on a lot by
volunteering for this position, and he is doing a great job of
interfacing with all of the Cruising One Design fleets and
representing our interests very nicely. He has organized several
meetings and taken the initiative to raise the issue of NOOD price as
well as some other issues at the CBYRA, AYC, and Sailing World levels.
I for one really appreciate his hard work on this. I feel like this is
the first time since I have been a member of CBYRA for the past 7
years that I could really see a function of the organization which was
relevant to my objectives for sailing and racing. So I want to make
sure you all know that we owe Andrew some thanks for doing the leg
work to make this happen.

We will be happy to discuss this at the happy hour on Wednesday. Both
Andrew and I will be there. I hope to see you there. In the meantime,
registration for the NOOD regatta is open and you can get there by
going to:


Please if you plan on doing the event, go ahead and register so we can
be assured of forming a fleet (we need at least 7 boats).

Kind regards,

J Bergquist
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