[Public-List] Lexan windows - see Makrolon AR

Elyse Pastor elyse.pastor at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 15 17:40:35 PDT 2009

Sorry for my late response to that
About Lexan and scratching - I did some research on that and found MAKROLON 
(trade name for Polycarbonate product from Bayer made by Sheffield. Lexan is 
the Trade name for the GE product). It comes in several grades and the one I 
decided on is the AR version. AR stands for Abrasion Resistance and the 
product is also UV resistant. The manufacturer offers a 10 or 15 year 
warranty against yellowing. They use that stuff to cover some soccer stadium 
in Germany and for other commercial window applications (see:  
So based on that info, I decided to try that product. The draw-back - I had 
to buy a full 4x8 sheet for Cnd$ 269.00. This works out to be about $ 15.00 
Canadian per window (11x22") vs may be $8.00 for the regular stuff.
If any of you is interested, I will sell the remainder of my sheet at my 
cost (plus shipping) which works out to be Cnd $8.40 per sqft. (I just 
bought it about 2 months ago).
Those interested - let me know.
In 10 years, I let you know how well that stuff held up...
Bruno & Elyse
Lady Heron 297
PS: As for bonding - I was considering to use SIKAFLEX 295UV. It seems to be 
the product made for windows

It is true that Lexan scratches easier than acrylic.  It's tougher
>overall but more vulnerable to scratching.  You can get tempered
>acrylic, which I think is stronger than regular (but have not
>researched it yet).
>On Mar 9, 2009, at 8:28 PM, Don Campbell wrote:
> > If you use butyl  polymers understand that they will chemically eat
> > away at acrylic plastics according to my suppliers.

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