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Selecting batteries can be very extensive and involved.  I went through
this 6 plus years ago after extensive research.  It started on what power
requirements you want and how long you expect to be away from dock.  At
that time I was getting ready to go south from Ontario Canada to florida
and wold be away from any external power for days at a time. At the
present time I am in the Bahamas at dockside but have used this time to
see how long I can go before charging my batteries. I calculated my fridge
on a 50% cycle would use 65amp hrs per 24 hrs with other usages bringing
this to about 85Ahr in 24 hrs.  With 2 solar panel of 165watts (these will
replace between 20 and 30 Ahr per day. I could go 4 days before I had to
recharge the bank.  My battery bank is 4 US2200 6volt deep cycle giving me
440Ahr capacity, remember batteries should not be discharged below 50%
capacity so you have 220Ahr supply.  The solar panels on a good sunny day
recharged during the day but was still 20Ahr less than the day before.  So
I am good for 4 days max before I had to use AC power to recharge.  Trojan
T105 are equivalent to the US2200 batteries and have had mine for 6 plus
years without problems.  rember with large battery banks you need to
upgrade your alternator charging system and have a battery monitor system.
 I have installed a 100amp alternator with Balmar MC 612 multi stage
regulator, a Link 10 battery monitor 165watt solar panels with a Bluesky
solar boost 2000 charge controller.  I also have a separate 12volt
starting battery with a Balmar digital DDc Duo charge controller.  With
all of this I can only go 4 days with good sun before I need to recharge.

Anything else please E-Mail

John Boor
in the Bahamas

> Hi All,
> I am in the market for new batteries and could sure use some advice.  Deep
> cell, wet cell, sealed cell, gel cell, jail cell, absorbed glass matt -
> what
> the heck.
> I have a Universal 18 diesel (I will check alternator size) and a new
> battery charger (I will check on maker & model), a really neat electrical
> panel with built in volt meter and a big red switch labeled 1, 2, all &
> off.
> I also have a refrigerator (Norcold?) and plan on having standard stuff
> like
> VHF, stereo, GPS, instruments, air conditioning and table saw (just
> kidding
> on the last 2).  I suppose I will also need running lights and an auto
> pilot.  Sounds like a set up for costal cruising?  I also thought it would
> be cool to run a small microwave from an inverter but could run that on
> shore power if it's too much.
> I like the idea of zero maintenance (gel or glass?) and wonder if I need a
> separate starting battery and house battery or if 2 houses will do (with 2
> cats in the yards).  Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly
> appreciated.  Are there any "Sailboat Electronics for Dummies" books I
> should read.
> Thanks so much,
> Roger 148
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