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Just to add to my last E-Mail.  Each type of battery need specific
recharging characteristics and for a given size have different Amp hr
capacities.  A wet cell deep cycle battery needs to charge at 14.4v a
standard starting wet cell needs about 13.8v to recharge.  The Gell cells
and AGM batteries also have very different charging voltages.  Make sure
your charger is designed for the batteries you select, a regular charger
will not fully recharge a deep cycle battery. I understand that AGM
batteries have very specific charge characteristics.  sealed batteries are
maintainence free and can be mounted in any position are more expensive
and do not have as much reserve capacity. A while ago while at the Toronto
boat show I asked the sales person from Surrette batteries the question
about using the house batteries for starting purposes, his reply stated
that starting batteries have a thicker internal connecting buss bar as
compared to a deep cycle battery and under heavy starting when using a
deep cycle battery the internal connection could break killing the

John Boor

> Hi All,
> I am in the market for new batteries and could sure use some advice.  Deep
> cell, wet cell, sealed cell, gel cell, jail cell, absorbed glass matt -
> what
> the heck.
> I have a Universal 18 diesel (I will check alternator size) and a new
> battery charger (I will check on maker & model), a really neat electrical
> panel with built in volt meter and a big red switch labeled 1, 2, all &
> off.
> I also have a refrigerator (Norcold?) and plan on having standard stuff
> like
> VHF, stereo, GPS, instruments, air conditioning and table saw (just
> kidding
> on the last 2).  I suppose I will also need running lights and an auto
> pilot.  Sounds like a set up for costal cruising?  I also thought it would
> be cool to run a small microwave from an inverter but could run that on
> shore power if it's too much.
> I like the idea of zero maintenance (gel or glass?) and wonder if I need a
> separate starting battery and house battery or if 2 houses will do (with 2
> cats in the yards).  Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly
> appreciated.  Are there any "Sailboat Electronics for Dummies" books I
> should read.
> Thanks so much,
> Roger 148
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