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Hi Mark,

I did this last spring on my A30 with a hull liner.
If you were able to get it out in one piece, a new one will go back in one
piece! I removed all trim of course!
I bought the CHEAPEST 3/4" plywood from a building supplies and used the old
bulkhead to make a pattern of 3/4" plywood first just to make sure. You can
actually make 2 patterns out of (1) 4 by 8 sheet of plywood in case you mess
I found the original bulkhead was not really fitted well in the first place.
When I was totally convinced I had my pattern right, I cut the new mahogany

I also removed both doors to head & vee berth area to get them out of the
way and all the pieces between old bulkhead and locker.
I used Lloyds of London approved boat construction mahogany instead of the
original teak because it was not available. Remember the main chain plate
fastens to this piece of bulkhead...
I used Industrial Formulators Brand Epoxy Sealer on the new mahogany
bulkhead with extra applications to the exposed end grain of the new
It soaks in like lacquer thinner and seals the plywood.  I one up sized all
the bolts as well and changed the port side chain plates bolts at the same
The hardest part was getting the door trim and hinges from the berth/head
door to line up. It is just a series of many steps, one at a time. Take your

If you have any other questions or wish to call, I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada

I hope that helps.

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Has anyone had experience replacing the plywood bulkhead under the beam
supporting the mast?  My boat {351} has a liner and the plywood got soft and
rotten at the bottom and along side the liner for the v berth.  I guess I
needed more ventilation or maybe some heat in the winter time here in San
Francisco Bay.  At any rate I supported the mast with a post and was able to
get the bulkhead out in more or less one piece, only the starboard side
needs replacing. 
Now I need to know how to get a new piece back in.  Does anyone have any
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