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Hi Roger, 
About four years ago, I set up Caprice for long distance cruising.  It included  3 group 31 AGMs (315 amphours) for the house bank and a starter battery.  They are set up in two banks with a Xantrex Echo Charger from the house bank to charge the starter battery.  I've never had to combine the banks with the battery switch. I always leave everything charging the house bank.  I put a new 75 amp alternator with a Balmar External regulator.  Also, I have a wind generator with it's own regulator.  As far as at the dock, I have Truecharge 20 which works great. 
Everything works fabulous.  I lived on the hook for around 9 months and was very pleased with the performance and ease of use.  The starter battery is five years old and still cranks perfectly.  The AGMs are four years old and still hold a charge, but recently seems to have lost some capacity. 
Good luck...   

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Hi All,

I am in the market for new batteries and could sure use some advice.  Deep
cell, wet cell, sealed cell, gel cell, jail cell, absorbed glass matt - what
the heck.

I have a Universal 18 diesel (I will check alternator size) and a new
battery charger (I will check on maker & model), a really neat electrical
panel with built in volt meter and a big red switch labeled 1, 2, all &
I also have a refrigerator (Norcold?) and plan on having standard stuff like
VHF, stereo, GPS, instruments, air conditioning and table saw (just kidding
on the last 2).  I suppose I will also need running lights and an auto
pilot.  Sounds like a set up for costal cruising?  I also thought it would
be cool to run a small microwave from an inverter but could run that on
shore power if it's too much.  

I like the idea of zero maintenance (gel or glass?) and wonder if I need a
separate starting battery and house battery or if 2 houses will do (with 2
cats in the yards).  Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly
appreciated.  Are there any "Sailboat Electronics for Dummies" books
should read.

Thanks so much,

Roger 148   

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