[Public-List] A-4 Zenith carb parts (early/cast carb)

Rachel penokee at cheqnet.net
Wed Mar 25 11:08:50 PDT 2009

Hi James,

I have a "Zenith  61" cast carburetor.  I wonder if the "8819" is the 
same or different?  We do have CarQuest in the US, but none anywhere 
near me.  I appreciate that you gave me the number though, thank you.

I did call NAPA in Annapolis, who are supposed to be really sharp on 
Atomic Fours.  They told me they don't carry it.  When I said "Oh, 
really?  I've heard you have a lot of Atomic Four parts."  The NAPA 
fellow said "Well a lot of things have been discontinued."  Bummer!


On Mar 24, 2009, at 10:24 PM, James McRury wrote:

> Rachel --
> The Car Quest carburetor repair kit for the Zenith 8819 is #1306, at 
> least in Canada.  Check the model number on your carb to make sure 
> that it's the same used for the A-4.


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