[Public-List] A-4 Zenith carb parts (early/cast carb)

James McRury jdmcrury at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 25 12:38:31 PDT 2009

Rachel --

Well, that sucks.  NAPA had nothing here either -- I think it might be worth a call to Car Quest (maybe shipping rates are reasonable?).  Also -- there were a few different numbers stamped on my carb, it seems to my uninformed mind that 61 may not be the model number.  I can't recall the other numbers on the carb, but it was decided by the auto parts guy that 8819 was the number to search for (I went into Car Quest with the card in hand.)

I wish you the best of luck -- hopefully you won't get stuck paying $98.00 bucks for Moyer's.  That seems like the typical "boat owner's tax" applied to so many marine-related products (especially since the equivalent kit from Car Quest here is $38.00 CDN.).



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Hi James,

I have a "Zenith  61" cast carburetor.  I wonder if the "8819" is the same or different?  We do have CarQuest in the US, but none anywhere near me.  I appreciate that you gave me the number though, thank you.

I did call NAPA in Annapolis, who are supposed to be really sharp on Atomic Fours.  They told me they don't carry it.  When I said "Oh, really?  I've heard you have a lot of Atomic Four parts."  The NAPA fellow said "Well a lot of things have been discontinued."  Bummer!



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