[Public-List] Chain plates all the same?

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Mon Mar 30 06:07:42 PDT 2009


You mentioned that you were in Florida.  Whereabouts?  If you are near Tampa, Miami or Jacksonville you should be able to purchase the SS bar stock from any number of metal suppliers.  Better yet, purchase 'drops' or 'cut-offs' from a frabricator at half the cost.  I purchased SS strap for mast hounds for a smaller boat here in Ft. Myers. 

I assumed that you would drill and finish off the ends of the bar stock for the chain plates yourself.  Thus no need to wait on shipping and you could easily replace one pate at a time without taking the mast down. 

This is a straight forward fairly simple fabrication/installation process. 


Thanks Michael, 

My thoughts, too. But one at a time would be awfully time intensive sending them back and forth, plus boat being out of commission for the time each plate is processing. Will do some checking locally and see what I can come up with... 

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