[Public-List] Miles River Race

J Bergquist jbergqui at gmail.com
Tue May 12 06:02:45 PDT 2009


The Miles River Race and cruise are coming up Memorial Day weekend.
This is a great event which combines racing with cruising and an
excellent social.

Unfortunately, I am going to be out of town visiting my grandparents
in Spokane, WA (they are 96 and 94 so I try to visit them at least
once each year, and this was the only time that my brother and I could
fit in the schedule...). However, Jonathan Adams will be your race and
cruise co-ordinator so contact him with any questions.

The notice of race is available at:


There is online registration available for the race at:


I am sensitive to the issue of price on this event as we discussed it
last year. I want to let you all know that I have called the regatta
organizer and raised the issue of price with them to let them know
that we feel the event is a bit pricey. He said that they would not be
able to do anything about the cost issue this year. Moving forward, I
would welcome a discussion with any of you who feel strongly about the
price issue. In particular, I would like to hear constructive
suggestions about how we can deal with the issue of price. Andrew and
I have been discussing this a lot lately, so feel free to raise the
discussion with either of us and know that your concerns are being

For now, it is my hope that we can put some of the cost issues aside
for this year and let's get a good turnout for this year's MRR and
have a great time! I wish that I could join you all in the

There will be another White Sail award for this event so if you plan
to participate in the White Sail division, please inform me by e-mail
before 5/22.

Kind regards,

J Bergquist

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