[Public-List] New Hatches

David Mitchell david at mitchellent.com
Tue May 12 18:57:51 PDT 2009

What type of varnish did you use?

David Mitchell

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Ahoy Jeff,

Very nice work on the hatches.  Beautiful!

It appears that you have a custom hatch on the forward, port end of the
cockpit.  Is this your wine cellar?  Care to share it's purpose?


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Hi Jon,

Which hatches??

I replaced my lazarette & aft deck hatches last winter. Don't know if
they were original to 1965 or not but they were in rough shape too.
I looked around and couldn't find a good source for teak. Some
specialty lumber distributors had some, but not much, and good pieces
were rare. I ended up using African Mahogany, it was easy to find
good wood, and at a reasonable (for boat stuff) price. Are you
looking to use plywood for it's stability? Strength? The thing I don't
like about plywood in situations like this is that if the finish is
compromised, it doesn't take much water to lift the surface veneer on
the ply. I'm not sure it saves much time or money in building.

I think teak would be great if you can find it. I don't know if you
have much for wood working tools, I don't but was happy enough using
simple splined joints using a table saw and epoxy glue.

So far, they've help up well..having seen the light of day only to
take these pictures! Hope to launch soon!!



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