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On Emotional Rescue #303, I replaced the tiller head as it was also slipping. I discovered that the bronze key was not engaged sufficiently, or had abraded from a once-sufficient size, so that it did not engage the groove to take the shearing force.Also, the clamp on the aft side of the head did not grip sufficiently. 
However, when I purchased a new head from Edson, it too had the groove cut, not on center, so that it forced the tiller to be off-center. I sent two back to Edson before I received a straight head. Edson told me that they were cutting the grooves by hand and that "some could be slighly crooked". I was disappointed with there answer.
I subsequently drilled a hole athwartship through the entire head and rudder post and inserted a 1/8 inch bolt and nut to take the shear force. Since then (5 years) we have had no trouble.
Ed Schroeder
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I was sailing last night - beautiful evening with about 12 knots of
breeze.  We passed under the Bay Bridge, and we were hit by a 25 knot
gust.  The boat wanted to head up, so I pushed down hard on the tiller.
We reduced sail, but I noticed I was fighting to keep the boat on track.
I realized that the to keep the boat on a straight course, I had to keep
the tiller almost all the way over to the starboard side.  I made it
back to Annapolis, but the last left turn into the slip was a real
challenge.  I played with the tiller after we tied up; it seems to be in
full control of the rudder, but way off center.  Could the head have
slipped on the post?  Doesn't the post have a keyway to prevent this?
Could it be something worse? 

Jon Budington

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