[Public-List] Tiller Head Key

RogerW rcsbiz08 at toadmail.com
Mon Oct 12 18:47:26 PDT 2009

About this keyway business--#26 has a setscrew on the forward side of 
the head which slips about 30 degrees in it's corresponding divot since 
the rear clamp bolt is snug but not clamping tightly. There is no keyway 
in the shaft, just the divot. How easy to cut a keyway, by hand, on the 
boat? I used to have a keyway chisel, but never found a reason to use 
it. Alternatively, what about having a welder partially fill the tiller 
head hole with bronze and re-drill? I suspect that the setscrew is just 
to keep the head from "jumping" off, and should be brass, though it is 
1/4" Stainless now. 'Course if we fix it we will have one less excuse 
for poor showings at the races...!


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