[Public-List] Main Sail Track Fasetening

Roger L. Kingsland r.kingsland at ksba.com
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I uses 1/4" SS rivets to fasten hull to deck and agree w/ you about the
difficulty.  I broke 2 rivet guns but my handshake is allot firmer now.  If
I did it again I would try a pneumatic rivet gun like this one
http://www.nextag.com/Campbell-Hausfeld-PL1539-Air-66267316/prices-html for
$70 +S&H.  I also found this attachment to a cordless drill that looks
pretty nice but costs $142 w/ S&H

Seems it would be allot easier than screws and worrying about getting every
one properly threaded.

Gord - I got screwed by a guy named Robertson once but I didn't know he
actually made screws.  

>From the trusty internet (may even be true).
Robertson Screw
In 1908, square-drive screws were invented by Canadian P. L. Robertson.
Twenty-eight years before Henry Phillips patented his Phillips head screws,
which are also square-drive screws. The Robertson screw is considered the
"first recess-drive type fastener practical for production usage." The
design became a North American standard, as published in the sixth edition
of Industrial Fasteners Institute Metric and Inch Standards. A square-drive
head on a screw can be better than a slot head because the screwdriver will
not slip out of the screw's head during installation. The Model T car made
by the Ford Motor Company (one of Robertson's first customers) used over
seven hundred Robertson screws.  

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After painting the mast I am putting the main sail track back onto the
mast.  I see that some have tapped each of the existing holes to replace the
rivets with machine screws.    The track is stainless 7/8" with 3/16th holes
drilled.  The next drill size up will just clean out the existing mast holes
and leave sufficient room to thread either 1/4 inch or 6mm machine screws.

Having got a sample of machine screws with various heads it seems that the
heads are too big for the existing sail track (they don't seat at the base
of the track).  I assume that the only way to use machine screws is to
either change the sail track or drill new holes which I'm not prepared to

If I can't use machine screws it will be back to aluminum rivets with a
steel mandrel as I've found strainless very difficult to remove - and

Have I missed something with machine screw fitting here?




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