[Public-List] More on Mast Sail Track Attachment

Gordon Laco mainstay at csolve.net
Mon Oct 19 17:50:22 PDT 2009

Thanks Mick -

I am heading for Victoria on Monday next week - are you near there?

Gord #426 Surprise

On 19-Oct-09, at 8:28 PM, Michael Taylor wrote:

> A big thankyou to all the replies.  I assume that what I had in  
> place was the original set-up.  The track was riveted all the way up  
> the mast.  The rivets appeared to be aluminum with a steel mandrel.   
> None of the holes were threaded/bolted.  Even by the gooseneck.
> So it looks like it will have to be rivets unless I go for new wider  
> sail track.  At this point I would prefer to put it back as it is.   
> At some point I will have to look again at the the sail track but it  
> is not a priority.  The change would mean new cars on the main also.
> The idea of installing a backing plate behind each hole is a  
> possibility though I think almost as much effort of starting with  
> new sail track.  I just like the idea of machine screws that come in  
> and out readily.
> If I opt for stainless rivets.  I am wondering what it will be like  
> to drill out stainless rivets when I eventually remove it again?  I  
> removed all the aluminum ones in about 20 minutes and they may have  
> been there for 42 years!  Also, would SS rivets damage the soft  
> aluminum inside the mast given how difficult it to sheer the mandrel?
> Anyway thankyou for all the suggestions.  By the way I am on  
> Vancouver Island though I have kept my Australian Yahoo Address.
> cheerio
> Mick  #231
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