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I would use aluminum rivets to protect the mast - they can be replaced when they corrode, whereas the mast is expensive.  Also, tap out the mandrels AND remove them from the base of the mast (the mandrels removal is a tip from Don Casey in one of his books if I remember correctly where I read it).  The problem is that the mandrels are steel even in aluminum rivets and can fall out and then corrode the base of the mast - NOT a good idea.


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A big thankyou to all the replies.  I assume that what I had in place was the original set-up.  The track was riveted all the way up the mast.  The rivets appeared to be aluminum with a steel mandrel.  None of the holes were threaded/bolted.  Even by the gooseneck.  

So it looks like it will have to be rivets unless I go for new wider sail track.  At this point I would prefer to put it back as it is.  At some point I will have to look again at the the sail track but it is not a priority.  The change would mean new cars on the main also.

The idea of installing a backing plate behind each hole is a possibility though I think almost as much effort of starting with new sail track.  I just like the idea of machine screws that come in and out readily.

If I opt for stainless rivets.  I am wondering what it will be like to drill out stainless rivets when I eventually remove it again?  I removed all the aluminum ones in about 20 minutes and they may have been there for 42 years!  Also, would SS rivets damage the soft aluminum inside the mast given how difficult it to sheer the mandrel?

Anyway thankyou for all the suggestions.  By the way I am on Vancouver Island though I have kept my Australian Yahoo Address.  


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