[Public-List] Large ports in cabin

Fred Parker FParkeriii at ncble.org
Wed Oct 28 05:31:16 PDT 2009

Are replacement ports that open available for the Alberg 30, and if so
who carries them?

Fred Parker
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A prior owner of #26 Wooshkeetaan installed some plexiglass ports in the

2 aft positions, port and stb'd. (4 in all) They are put in with an 
automotive-style rubber gasket, and while effective, we have several 
times stove them in with our feet while sitting upon the cabin, and 
potentially they could be a safety hazard in a large sea or broach. Are 
there any solutions available short of making frames of wood or 
Starboard, from scratch? Anyone have templates for router, originals, 
ideas? Thanks to all, batten the hatches for Winter!

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