[Public-List] Ventilation of engine space (smelly cabin)

Jim Davis a30240 at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 14 12:26:12 PST 2010

My set up is similar, except it also draws air through the cockpit lockers.   I have ventilation between the engine space and the lockers and I cut two three inch holes in the lazerette bulkhead, one on each side.  Over each hole I placed a Radio Shack 12 volt computer fan.  This blows the air and smell into the lazerette and out through the vents back on the quarter.  Pulls engine/bilge smell out along with keeping the inside of the lockers smelling fresh.  The fans are on the lighting circuit and run 24/7, in port and underway.  The fans are cheap with negligible current draw.

Jim Davis
S/V Isa Lei

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