[Public-List] Ventilation of engine space (smelly cabin)

Roger L. Kingsland r.kingsland at ksba.com
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Why not keep the vents now connected to each seat locker and; 1) drill holes
connecting the forward ends of the seat lockers to engine compartment, 2)
add a fan near the bottom (under the cockpit sole) of the bulkhead between
engine compartment and aft lazarette, 3) add a vent (or vents) somewhere in
the stern lazarette (in the hatch, aft of the hatch on either side of the
backstay chain plate, transom(?)).  Putting the fan (blowing into the
lazarette) at aft end of the engine compartment would put the lockers and
engine area under negative pressure (pull smells in rather than blow them
out) and pull fresh air thru the seat lockers before it runs thru the stinky
engine area.  If you don't want to stink up the lazarette, you could connect
the fan to the vent(s) with a hose and separately ventilate the lazarette.
A good lazarette vent system might be a clamshell vent (or vents) on the
cockpit bulkhead with a solar powered vent in the hatch cover. 

Roger 148

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I had Ayla out idling about the harbor last night to watch the annual Parade
of Lights here in San Diego and there was a noticeable engine smell down
below. It doesn't seem like an exhaust leak. She has a Yanmar 2GM.

Ayla is a preliner boat and there is no ventilation of the engine
compartment that I can see. There are two scoops on the aft deck with ~3"
hose led to the port and starboard lazerettes. The aft lazerette doesn't
have any ventilation either.

I'm thinking about:
 1. Remove the hose for the port lazerette.
 2. Install a 12V squirrel cage fan between the aft and port lazerettes.
 3. Add some 2" to 3" holes connecting the port lazerette to the engine
 4. Add some 2" to 3" holes connecting the starboard lazerette to the engine
Ideally this would draw air in from one of the scoops, circulate it through
the lockers and engine compartment, and exhaust it out the other scoop.

How have other folks solved this problem?



S/V Ayla
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