[Public-List] Season's Greetings and a question about stern tubes

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Sun Dec 26 06:57:45 PST 2010

Merry Christmas, Mel,

On 12/26/10 9:13 AM, Mel Martin wrote:
> Ahoy maties! Very best of the season to yez!
> So, engine and gas tank removed, I can now properly inspect the stuffing
> box, prop shaft and stern tube. All have suffered years of neglect. I'm
> having a new prop shaft machined because the old one is badly scored and
> corroded. With the prop shaft out of the way, i can see the inboard end
> of the stern tube, and it is not a pretty sight (see attached).

The list strips out pictures (and other attachments) for safety.  Email 
me the photo(s) directly, and I'll post them on the web site.

> It's clear that the upper bolt retaining the stern tube is badly
> corroded. The lower bolt is impossible to see - it's hidden behind and
> below a "lip" of GRP, but I'm pretty sure it's in as bad shape. The tube
> itself seems a little misshapen.

http://alberg30.org/maintenance/disorganized/miscpics/118.jpg shows the 
whole shaft & stern tube, minus the boat but with a flex coupling.

Are the bolts you mean the ones holding the cutless bearing casting in 

> Anyway, it looks to like I'll have to replace the stern tube bolts, at
> least and maybe replace the stern tube itself. I confess that I am
> little bit nervous about the whole thing because I've never done it
> before, and because I am concerned about a cascade of problems once I've
> done it.
> Have any of you ever removed/replaced a stern tube? How hard was it?
> What problems did you run into while doing it? What should I look out
> for? Any and all advice welcome and appreciated.

Don't worry.  As soon as we all get a better picture of what you're 
facing, you'll get lots of advice.

  - George

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