[Public-List] Boom gooseneck track

edward schroeder eddiediver at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 28 06:23:57 PDT 2010

All; yesterday I found that the 10 bolts, that attach the boom gooseneck to the 18 inch long stainless steel mast track, were all sheared off. Remember that Emotional Rescue #303 is a club boat. No one knows nuttin' about how this happened or any accidental jibe.
My questions are; (1) for a 1968 boat, are the portion of bolts still within the mast aluminum or stainless steel? (2) did they have "Lok-Tite" or equal back in 1968? (3)should I be concerned about weakening the mast if I were to drill 10 new holes for the 1/4-20 new bolts.
Nice to be doing this in 95 degree temperatures!
Ed Schroeder; volunteer maintenance manager

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