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Bob Crinion bob at crinion.ca
Fri Jul 9 10:12:00 PDT 2010

Hi Deb,

One product you could use is Kiwi Grip. I can be tinted up to 3 percent
as well.

A boat in our yard, a C&C 35 Mk1 deck was painted deck with two part
Interlux Perfection (color Mediterranean White) and Kiwi grip white for
the non skid.
The color of the 2 products appears to be a perfect match.

I'm almost ready to paint/apply the same two products on my Alberg 30

There are uTube videos on the web on how to apply each product.

Hope this helps...

A30 #560

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La Paloma #166, I am getting ready to paint my decks and cabin. I'm
wondering what kind of paint others have used. Did you use non slip
paint over the non slip patches on the decks?What worked best for you?


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