[Public-List] side mount outboard

Daniel Michaels nov32394 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 14 11:30:25 PDT 2010

Although I have a Triton it is similar. I do not have it home yet so I
do not know if it will work. But I was looking at the Torquedo (Smaller
one) and installing it in the lazzarette or whatever that back
compartment is called. I thought about cutting a hole and fabricating a
slot that the motor would just slid down into. ( Not move, twist) When
not in use a male pug would occupy the hole. This would put it out of
the way and almost inline with the original prop. I thought also about
mounting just the head in the same space as the original prop but it
seemed like a lot of work and then I loose the advantage of taking it
out of the water for less drag while under way. I hope to incorporate a
Cape steering vane also so I am looking for ideas other than mounting
it on the stern. I also have seen one made up of a kickup type rudder
with the head mounted on the bottom. This could be mounted off to the
side of the transom and put in the kicked up position while underway.
Looks like the Hobbie cat rudder system, simple line to pull it up and



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