[Public-List] Wind Meters - what is good?

Robert Kirk isobar at verizon.net
Mon Jul 26 10:45:20 PDT 2010

Bruno/Elyse... Here is a page that shows comparisons (not evaluations) for 
a bunch of meters. Those prices listed can probably be beat elsewhere.

I have no personal experience with any of them. On the other hand, many 
years ago, before the small turbine type meters became available, I was the 
meteorologist on a new aircraft carrier. I found something very similar to 
these, below, in a box of our weather office supplies [Again, this is a 
quick look and you may find similar floating ball anemometers elsewhere, 
maybe cheaper.]:



I spent quite a bit of time comparing its accuracy against several other, 
more sophisticated and very expensive instruments - turbines & spinning cup 
anemometers. It was surprisingly accurate in low and high wind conditions, 
and somehow, one found its way intro my seabag when I left the ship. I've 
used it every once in a while on Isobar and it still works. You're 
requirement is for only wind speed; you don't need temperatures, dew 
points, or anything else. Besides, it's fun watching the bouncing balls.

Bob Kirk
Isobar #181

At 10:01 PM 7/25/2010, you wrote:
>Hello to all of you,
>I want to purchase a wind meter that will help me setting the sails and 
>deciding about reefing and changing the jib...


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