[Public-List] Heaving-to an Alberg

edward schroeder eddiediver at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 3 14:53:36 PDT 2010

Has anybody tried successfully to heave-to an Alberg? If so, what size foresail was used? Every time I try, the boat starts sailing. Not that I will be sailing the "Emotional Rescue" soon; it is out of the water and the damages to the keel and rudder shoe/rudder/ tiller head are being repaired after the grounding.
We were sailing along a few days after the grounding, when I noticed, that to go straight, I had the tiller in my lap. I went back to the underwater photos taken after the recent grounding and guessed that the bronze rudder shoe/pintel was loose. Thats what it was.
Ed Schroeder

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