[Public-List] contact cement for new bulkhead laminate

Roger L. Kingsland r.kingsland at ksba.com
Tue Sep 7 08:43:12 PDT 2010

Thanks everyone for your feedback on the contact cementing of plywood
bulkheads.  I looked up the expansion coefficients of phenolic resin (which
I think is the stuff in plastic laminate) and wood
d).  If I did the math right (always questionable) the total expansion
difference between the two over 6' and a delta T of 120 degrees F is 3/8" or
3/16" on each end.  

This expansion difference might be the reason the plastic laminate
delaminated from the plywood in the first place (of course, after 44 years,
who knows).  Being loathe to go to all the trouble of cutting, finishing and
installing the new plywood only to have the same thing happen again, I might
just, A) paint the existing plastic laminate and add the 1/4' x 1-1/4"+/-
teak edge trim, or B) remove it and laminate the 1/8" plywood to the
original plywood bulkheads (thereby eliminating any expansion difference,
yahoo).  When you think about, it doesn't seem logical to sandwich a layer
of plastic laminate between 2 layers of wood.

So, finally getting to the point, has anyone tried removing the plastic
laminate (what a mess)?
I am thinking a heat gun might help but what is left underneath and how hard
will it be to prep the original bulkheads for the new plywood paneling.
Since it is 3 plys totaling 1/8" I suppose it will span over some minor
variations.  I also plan to oil the new paneling thereby avoiding accenting
undulations that might show w/ a shiny surface.

Has anyone done this job?  I'd sure appreciate learning from experience.


Roger 148

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