[Public-List] Whale Gusher 10 pump

Stephen Gwyn gwyn at beluga.phys.uvic.ca
Sun Sep 19 13:18:34 PDT 2010

Whales wants 90$ for what is basically two 4-inch
disks of aluminum and a 1/2" nut. And I don't
need the disks (I've inspected them and they look
fine), just the nut. So the nut would have to made
out of gold before it was a good deal. I replaced all
the nitrile parts recently (2 flaps and the diaphragm)
fairly recently and they still look to be in good shape.
I have another spare diaphragm.

The next thing to go will be the body of the pump itself.
The coating is starting to go on the inside, exposing
the aluminum to the salt water.

In short, I need a 50-cent nut or possibly a whole 250$ new pump, 
not a 90$  kit.

So does anybody know the size of that nut? Is it metric
for example?

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