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why did you not use the inboard track for the jib, I have used this on my
boat and boy can I point high.

John Boor

> Hello friends -
> We¹re having a good season racing under PHRF here on Georgian Bay and had
> an
> interesting experience racing in heavy air last Wednesday.
> It was blowing close to 30kts so I sailed with my little high clewed jib
> and
> a reefed main... We went like a train upwind although were hurting for
> horsepower off the wind.  An interesting revelation upwind was that the
> high
> clewed jib does not over lap at all, and even though I rigged it¹s sheets
> outside the shrouds as normal, we were able to sheet it much closer than
> the
> 140 and we sailed powerfully more than five degrees higher when beating.
> This was thought provoking because SURPRISE is not really very good at all
> upwind in our mixed boat fleet with regard to pointing.  This made me
> think
> about how the spreaders limit the sheeting angle up high, and this made me
> think about how over the years I have seen two distinct heights for
> spreaders in Alberg 30¹s.
> Ours are somewhat higher than half way up.... Others, like SEABERRY who we
> are alongside every spring and fall are about half way or a little lower.
> SEABERRY¹s spreader height seems to be the more common variety.   Lower
> spreaders allow the upper part of the genoa to be sheeted closer,
> improving
> pointing and this makes me wish I had them.
> Honestly it occurred to me when I was building my new spreaders two
> winters
> ago to make them a few inches shorter in order to get the same angle up
> high
> as the lower spreader boats... But doing that without checking the
> Association felt like bad pool so I didn¹t.
> Has anyone else puzzled over this one?  (And I should add before I get
> attacked re the shroud angle engineering issue... Even a much tighter
> angle
> between the mast and upper shrouds is well within modern tolerances, even
> discounting the much heavier mast section and wire diameter we use
> compared
> to new boats.)
> Standing by for your thoughts...
> Gord #426 SURPRISE
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