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Thu Jan 13 16:18:44 PST 2011

Dear Friends,

Elyse and I just returned from our 2-day visit of the Toronto Boat Show -
the largest in Canada.
How lucky we were to meet with Gordon Laco representing his products for the
9-day show. “Gordon – it was great seeing and chatting with you again –

The preparation of our “LADY HERON” was our main objective visiting the
show. Our plan is to make her ready for the July 2011 voyage from Montreal to St-Pierre et Miquelon (near Newfoundland) and back – an estimated total
of about 1500nm.

It is organized as a small flotilla and considered to be the trial of
the 2012 Atlantic crossing – something we will talk to you early next year.

The reason of our writing today – we want your help and advise regarding
the sails etc..


 The first problem we have with
the present set-up:

1.) The adaptation of the 1st and 2nd reef is too
complicated and requires too many manual adjustments. The reason to this problem
is - the boom is on a sliding track. When the main sail is in 100% - no
problem. If we want to take the 1st reef, it is required to remove
one slide from the "STRONG Sail Track and Slide System" in order to bring the reefing location to the
appropriate height. For the second reef, it is required to remove another slide
including the slide with the first batten (in total 3 slides). All this is
quite difficult considering the weather is getting worse for the 1st
and 2nd reefing.


Our idea is as follows:

1.) Remove the sliding track of the boom and install the boom fix to the
mast at its lowest position (how shall we do that and install/fix the boom to the mast???).

2.) Extend the "STRONG Sail Track and Slide System" of the main sail all the way down to the new
position of the boom (about 18" long).


We expect that this will allow us to set the 1st and 2nd
reef without touching any of the slides.


Our second problem:

1.) We presently have only our main sail and a 120 Jib. The main sale
needs to be replaced while the 120 is almost new.


Our idea is as follows:

1.) To get the new main sale with 2 reefs (or 3???)

2.) To get a 160 for soft wind situations?!

3.) To get a 70 or 80 storm jib?!

4.) Install/construct an inner forestay to allow the placement of the
storm jib (and how to do it???).


Our third problem:

The St-Lawrence
 River is known for its
fog and therefore requires a radar for safe navigation. We have received
contradictory information as to where the radar should be installed (the mast
or the backstay). Because we have the Standard Horizon 180i GPS, the only
compatible radar manufacturer would be “SI-TEX” (we consider Model MDS-8).

Another solution would be the stand-alone unit by FURUNO (Radar Model 1623 includes its own display unit).

The last unit (and in my opinion the most precise radar) would be the
LOWRANCE which has the most precise radar system available. However, if we
would purchase this radar, we also would have to purchase another GPS
(Approximately $1,000 more then any of the other systems).


Considering this, we would like to have some advice from anybody who can
help us or owners who have done this. We certainly look forward to all the
information and to better ideas.

Thanks in advance

Bruno & Elyse

Lady Heron 297 		 	   		  

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