[Public-List] The stern tube saga continues...

Mel Martin mel.martin at utoronto.ca
Sun Jan 23 12:56:35 PST 2011

Thanks to everyone for their earlier comments and suggestions about  
the stern tube
assembly. I've got it all apart now and I've asked George D to post a  
couple more pics of
the whole affair at  

I hope that these will help anyone else who was as ignorant and  
intimidated as I was.

My major findings were that the the stern tube and casting were held  
in place by two
bronze bolts. The upper bolt penetrates the hull completely, the lower  
one does not. Both
bolts were secured by some kind of adhesive (which had seen it best  
before date at least
a couple of decades ago!) I can't say whether the bolt holes in the  
hull were threaded.
The lock nut on the upper bolt was of a dissimilar metal, most likely  
galvanized, and had
almost completely dissolved.

The stern tube itself, which had seemed firmly glassed to the hull,  
was not. One very
cold day, it literally slipped out of the boat.

The inboard end of the stern tube has taken a beating from the shaft  
at some time, and
the lower edge of it is distorted somewhat, but it is still  
serviceable. The shaft has to
be replaced - $350 at a local shop.

Now, the trick will be to put it all back together and fit it to the  
boat so she doesn't
sink... I'll keep you posted.


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