[Public-List] Alberg 30 for sale

Gordon Laco mainstay at csolve.net
Sat Jan 1 18:57:33 PST 2011

Hi Mark - 

Sorry to hear you're selling her but glad you're not swallowing the anchor

Hello gang - 

I can vouch for the great work Mark and Sandra have done on this boat - she
will be a great yacht for somebody.

Gord #426

On 01/01/11 6:56 PM, "SANDRA BISSET" <sandimark at rogers.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
After much soul-searching, we have decided to put wanderlove up for
> sale. We¹ve 
been gradually re-coring the decks and are about two-thirds of
> the way through 
the project. The stern deck, cockpit sole (Corex) and a small
> section of the 
coach roof have all been re-cored using West System epoxy,
> then painted with 
Britesides polyurethane non-skid. The side decks remain to
> be re-cored and the 
foredeck needs some cosmetic work. The work done to date
> was done with the 
intention of lkeeping her, so it is done right. The
> transmission in her Atomic 4 
went on the fritz last summer, and while the
> engine itself runs fine (new carb 
2008), it¹s due for a rebuild.
She has a
> new stainless prop shaft and a newer custom-made blackwater tank. Her 
hull is
> in great shape, well-maintained with VC 17 systems. She has a good sail
inventory, including spinnaker, drifter, and a good mainsail. Her Genoa is
well-used but still okay for cruising. She has autohelm, depth sounder,
> dodger, 
Queen Ann boom tent and some new running rigging. Her standing
> rigging is in 
good shape with one shroud replaced in 2010. A survey done in
> 2009 is available.
I flirted with selling her last fall, asking $10,000 Cdn on
> Kijiji. I think 
that¹s a fair price, taking into account the work remaining,
> but I¹m open to 
offers. I¹d consider a trade for a smaller boat with an
> outboard in the 22-26 
foot range. 

Please contact me by phone or email if
> you would like more information about the 
boat. She¹s lying at Dutchman¹s
> Cove in Penetanguishene, Ont. on Georgian Bay.
> Bisset
sandimark at rogers.com
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