[Public-List] foredeck compression, (and bedding deck hardware)

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Wed Jan 19 13:44:21 PST 2011

Bent nails, grossly over drilling the holes and fill do work but are
labour intensive and could be seen when done. Here is a method I used that
is easy and invisable when done.  Take a 3/8" drill (for a 1/4in bolt)and
drill through to lower glass only, seal lower opening with tape, then,
using a dremmel with their 3/8" saw blade router out the core.  This gives
you a 3/4" dia hollow, Clean out, fill with epoxy through a syringe to
eliminate voids.  When hardened drill 1/4" hole and you are done.

John Boor

> When this topic comes up it is important to remember what you have for a
> core.  If it is balsa or foam opening the core at each hole and filling
> with thickened epoxy is wise and some what easy.  You can use a bent nail
> to tear out enough balsa/foam between the deck and liner to make a good,
> solid epoxy column.  The principle advantage to doing this is to prevent
> the core from being crushed and weakening the fitting's attachment.  That
> it reduces the chance of water intrusion is an additional benefit.
> With masonite, or other hardwood, it really isn't necessary as long as the
> holes are sealed and the hardware is properly bedded.  For plywood I would
> be inclined to treat it as balsa, or at least fill the holes with slightly
> thinned slow cure epoxy and redrill after it cooks.  The crush resistance
> of the older (masonite) deck is high enough to not be an area of concern.
> The only technique I can think of is to grossly over bore the holes from
> the top and not penetrate the inner liner.  Then fill the hole and re
> drill after the epoxy has cured.  I can think of a lot of other projects
> that are higher on the pecking order.
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