[Public-List] foredeck compression, (and bedding deck hardware)

Kirk Little kirkalittle at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 20 01:31:43 PST 2011

Roger, The technique I used was to put slightly modified (cut them with a grinder) allen keys into the drill and bore out only the  balsa core keeping the original holes in the fiberglass.  Then tape the bottom hole inside the boat, fill cavity with west epoxy via a plastic surenge, then redrill (make sure you drill straight).  I think Nigel Calder or one of the other boat maintenence how-to books gives a detailed description.  It really isn't that much work if you are re-bedding something anyway.   I might add that I had a small amount of rotted core especially around some of the old poorly bedded pieces, and by getting aggressive and using various sizes of Alen keys, and a few extra small holes in the deck, I was able to adequately stiffen the deck and eliminate the 'sponginess' by digging out rotten balsa and injecting epoxy without actually pulling up any of the deck.  Maybe not what some consider the proper or 'best' fix but for smaller areas it seems to get the job done well enough with minimal time, effort, or skill.  I also agree with using the slow epoxy, slightly thickened.  Less bubbles and other issues especially when filling larger cavities. Oh, I also did this same job when re-bedding the chain plates, and although it takes work with drills, rasps, and files to re-form the holes, like everything else, they haven't leaked either, in years.

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